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About Us

About us

We love what we do

Bodegas Salzillo was established in 2002, with the purpose and conviction of the founder, Agustín Lacárcel, for further development in the wine sector, as its beginnings date back to the early 1950s.

Although he was a native of La Alberca (Murcia), he was committed to Jumilla with a great perspective for the future. And so it was, as he predicted, that the Jumilla PDO would be one of the most important wine regions in the world, and from today’s date is one of the few PDOs that has grown in many markets.



Located in the heart of Jumilla

S A L Z I L L O ® W I N E & Q U A L I T Y W I N E R I E S ®

Our winery

Welcome to our home, your home

Bodegas Salzillo is located on the slopes of the Sopalmo mountain range in the Jumilla district of Las Encebras. Our winery has a production capacity of 2 million kg of grapes. In addition, we have the latest technologies in the development and control of the product elaboration.

In our cellars, we work with 3 types of material for the production and ageing processes: cement, stainless steel and wood. Our Barrel Park currently has an ageing capacity of 60,000 bottles.

Our wine selection

Mediterranean climate

Our vineyards enjoy the warmth of the sun and the proximity of the sea.

Quality vines

They bring richness and unique nuances.

Fertile land

No use of chemicals that remove nutrients from the soil

Taste and essence

As a result of all the above factors.

Much more than just wine

Climate, love and knowledge

Wine production is a task that requires specific care at each stage: from the location of the vineyards to the bottling temperature and lighting.

Therefore, in our wineries we do not only limit ourselves to the advantages offered by the Mediterranean climate, but we also carry out analyses and improvements in each process to respect the flavours and try to minimise any alteration.

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