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Passion for fine wine

Wineries with Designation of Origin

Effort, enthusiasm and respect for what we do

BODEGAS SALZILLO SL is a family business based in Murcia dedicated to the commercialisation of wines and beverages made from grapes under the Jumilla Designation of Origin.

The Jumilla Designation of Origin is located in south-eastern Spain, covering a large area in the north of the region of Murcia and part of the south-east of the province of Albacete. It is a rugged region, where the vineyards are spread out on a plateau surrounded by mountains with brown, chalky brown and limestone soils generally with a high water capacity and medium permeability.

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Jumilla Vineyards bathed by the Mediterranean sun.

S A L Z I L L O ® W I N E & Q U A L I T Y W I N E R I E S ®

Monastrell, our grape

Internationally recognised

Talking about the Jumilla Denomination of Origin is to talk about the Monastrell variety, as it is the grape variety that has best adapted over time to the climatic and soil conditions and which gives personality to its wines.

At Bodegas Salzillo, we manage more than 250 hectares of vineyards as well as others managed by winegrowers.

In addition to our native variety Monastrell, we work with other white grape varieties such as Airén, Sauvignon Blanc and Macabeo. And also with red grapes such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Tempranillo, Syrah, Merlot, Garnacha Tintorera.

Our wine range

6 references of the winery's most outstanding wines.

Mediterranean climate

Our vineyards enjoy the warmth of the sun and the proximity of the sea.

Quality vines

They bring richness and unique nuances.

Fertile land

No use of chemicals that remove nutrients from the soil

Taste and essence

As a result of all the above factors.

Much more than just wine

Climate, love and knowledge

Wine production is a task that requires specific care at each stage: from the location of the vineyards to the bottling temperature and lighting.

Therefore, in our wineries we do not only limit ourselves to the advantages offered by the Mediterranean climate, but we also carry out analyses and improvements in each process to respect the flavours and try to minimise any alteration.

Our wine selection

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What Makes Us Specials

Tradition, respect and passion


Whenever I have to bring wine to a dinner party, I choose a Bodegas Salzillo wine. It always triumphs

Julia Page Wine lover

Every time I have to bring wine to a dinner, I choose a wine from Bodegas Salzillo. It always triumphs."

Rubén Sánchez Wine lover

"The wines of Bodegas Salzillo attract you from the moment you see their design. They stand out from any other brand and I think that is something very characteristic of them."

Paul Schulz Wine lover
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